Turks and Caicos Adventures

Sometimes in life you’re lucky enough to experience a trip that you’ll never forget, and I’m positive that I won’t! But still, I have to take a moment to relive it and try to capture and savor those 7 blissful days.

It’s been said that Grace Bay beach is one of the #1 beaches in the world, and TCI (Turks and Caicos) is one of the top destinations. I figured there was obviously some truth to that, but how great could it be???

… Really reeeeeally amazingly great!

And yes. The water really is that clear and that blue.

Grace Bay Beach

Grace Bay Beach

The Stay

We chose Beaches Resort because it’s all inclusive, it’s gorgeous, has a lot of activities to offer, and is also kid friendly (our friends brought their 3 year old).

With about 96 acres, and over 700 rooms across 4 different villages it felt like we were somewhere new every day.

Beaches Resort

Beaches Resort

The staff were all so friendly, for example on our first night there we looked a little lost and a staff person who had just arrived on resort to soon begin her shift, walked us to the next village over to the restaurant we were looking for and made sure we had a good seat for the show since it was my birthday ♥️

I can’t say enough about how gorgeous the grounds were, the pools (about 10 of them total I believe) were all pristine and we even enjoyed the kids water park which has huge slides and a lazy river 👌🏼

Another favorite past time was relaxing in the airy cabanas around our favorite pool….

Cabana View

Our favorite pool in the Caribbean Village, we loved the swim up bar! All the pools have swim up bars but we liked this one the best- it was never crowded!

beaches cabana

Beaches poolside cabana- so relaxing!

poolside lounging

Lounging by the pool with a delicious drink!

Beaches resort is situated along Grace Bay which as I mentioned has been rated the #1 beach in the world several times, so there is no shortage of beauty just steps from the resort. Who needs a pool when you have crystal clear turquoise waters at your finger tips?!

gorgeous waters in Turks and Caicos

“Turk-uoise” waters as they say- hanging out in the water floaties was always a great time.

hammock lounging

Also loved lounging in the many hammocks spread across the resort… like this one!

Things To Do

There’s plenty to do both at the resort and away. One of the amazing things about Beaches are their many activities- from paddle boarding, to actual diving! (Note that first time divers will need to pay a fee for a 3 hour class prior to their first five, but after completion you can dive unlimited for the rest of your stay). We snorkeled a lot at a nearby reef- Bight reef which was a short walk away. There is also “Smith reef” nearby that has great snorkeling as well. However our best snorkeling happened beyond the reef that surrounds Providenciales- there was even a shark!

snorkeling in turks and caicos!

Yes I had to wear a life jacket…

fish while scuba diving

Fish! (Sadly our GoPro died and we forgot the charger so underwater footage was short lived)

Our favorite day included taking an 8 hour excursion around the islands. We opted to use an outside charter which was about half the cost of Beaches charter options. We boarded the “Reggae Chill Out” with a very friendly and competent Captain and his first mate who took us around Providenciales, and two different smaller islands (Iguana Island and Seashell Island, as well as a shipwreck where we were able to explore it closer and even jump off of it into the beautiful waters!)

scenery in Turks and Caicos

Checking out some of the beautiful homes along the beaches and waterways

Turks and Caicos Shipwreck

Shipwreck near Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

sea shell

We found several beautiful shells like these snorkeling around “seashell island”

Approaching Iguana Island

Approaching Iguana Island (also known as Little Water Cay)

Iguana Island

One of the many iguanas on the island

Play with the Potcakes!

Although I didn’t get to personally experience this, it was on my list and I plan to do it when we return… if you get the chance visit the Potcake Place K9 Rescue! The famous breed is a problem on TCI, lots of puppies and adult dogs that need forever homes, fostering and socialization. Visitors can come and play with the pot cakes and even take them out for a play date on the beach. Aside from that they always accept donations of food, toys etc.

Spa Day

I’m sure there are many great spa’s in TCI but we stuck with the spa at Beaches and it was hands down our best massages. They even had us write each other a little note and light a special candle which we were able to take home. They really put a lot of effort into the small details and were very efficient with working on our bodies. Afterward we were able to use the sauna and the hot/cold plunge pools and let our bodies return from la la land. It was just what we needed by day 5 of adventures, sun burns and cramping legs from so much swimming!

Redlane Spa at Beach, Turks and Caicos

Gorgeous setting for a Spa

Redlane Spa at Beaches, Turks and Caicos

Views from the plunge pools

What To Eat 

Although Beaches has 20 restaurants to choose from, I personally like to get to know the food, people, and foods from wherever we so we ventured out several times to enjoy some of the local spots.

Da Conch Shack 

No trip to TCI would be complete without experiencing Da Conch Shack. Sitting along the beach a few miles from Grace Bay, you get to dine underneath the shade of giant palm trees lined with twinkling lights, with your toes in the sand. Their specialty is Conch, which I tried but just don’t really care too much for. Overall the food was good but the best part was the ambiance, rum bar, and playing the “ring on a string game” after a few rum drinks 🍹😜

Da Conch Shack

Group photo at Da Conch Shack!

palm tree ceilings


Da Conch Shack

Such a pretty setting

Danny Buoys

If you’re looking for a fun night out, this is the place! They also have reeeeally good pizza. We drank lots of delicious drinks, ate pizza and danced the night away!

Coco Bistro

Amazing restaurant, Coco Bistro is a more upscale option with seating beneath the palms and a menu to die for. This place is a real treat. I suggest making reservations in advance, it’s a hot spot!

Bugaloos Conch Crawl

Found on the southern part of Provo you’ll find Bugaloos, yet another beach side dining option. Great atmosphere, usually has live music, a stunning beach view, palm trees galore. Only downside was it was very windy, but that’s not their fault!

Souther Providenciales

Beach scenery

Southern Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

Colorful buildings near Bugaloos

Dinner on the Beach

We chose the private dining option at our resort but I understand that there are a couple places who do beach dinners- Mango Reef Restaurant being one of them.

This was by far the best experience, very private, with personal butler service- the food was top notch, the sun was setting, our feet were in the sand and they had candles surrounding us, it was very romantic.

Beaches Private Beach Dinner

Amazing dinner on the beach

dinner on the beach

Such a fun evening with my favorite guy!


Another great option at the resort was Sky, a rooftop restaurant. The food was great, but the view was better…

All things said an done, TCI has quickly become my most cherished trip. Between the water, pristine beaches and friendly locals, I literally didn’t want to leave, and I’ll certainly return!

Turks and Caicos

(Side Note: I realize that just shortly after our return, a very tragic shooting happened on the beach late at night and nearly killed an America tourist. But just like any city in the US, bad things do happen. With all things considered and safety being of top priority, please don’t let these infrequent tragedies scare you from a wonderful trip)

Here are a few more random photos!

Turks and Caicos

Kissing in Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos


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