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Hi there! If you’re on this page you likely have some questions that we all have had at one time or another, here is a list of the most common asked questions in regards to photography in general and how we do things here at Explore The Moment.

Why hire a photographer?

Well there are lots of reasons, for one- experience. Typically photographers have skills with a camera and other equipment that most people haven’t been able to master. Photographers will also be able to help you decide the mood of your photos, help keep everyone organized and can create an experience that you may not have without him/her.

Why does it take so long to get my “complete” digital images back?

Although a photo shoot may take less than 30 minutes to complete, managing the photos in post processing is a very detailed and time consuming endeavor. Your completed photos should be as perfect as possible and express the desired emotion.

What does “post processing” mean? Do you retouch photos?

Yes and no… For me personally, post processing includes making minor adjustments to exposure/lighting/brightness and possibly saturation. I will never alter the size of body parts or remove or add to the background, however if there are any small blemishes that can easily be removed, I can do that upon request.

But what should I/We wear?

You may not believe this but try not to overthink your wardrobe. Simple is best, I recommend neutral colors (think gray, light/dark blue, black, cream, white etc) Patterns tend to take away from the photo quality (as do lots of large jewelry pieces). Unless you purposefully want everyone in your photo to be matching, just try to coordinate like colors.

What is the typical process from booking to receiving my photos?

  1. Once you have contacted me, we will discuss which session you want done, when etc.
  2. We will set up a time to meet/chat during a consultation to discuss customizing your session (outfits, color themes, if there are specific poses that are a must have, any concerns you may have (camera shyness, or other issues that you may be concerned about in a photo))
  3. We will meet 10-15 min prior to the start of the session for introductions and pre-session chat to go over any new thoughts/concerns
  4. Session will begin (and end)
  5. Once the session is over I’ll dive into the post processing phase which can take up to 7-15 days depending on number of photos that were taken and chosen
  6. Finally we will meet to complete your order. This is the time you will choose your final photos
  7. Depending on delivery method, you may receive them quickly (digital download/thumb drive or you may choose to have photos printed (this can take several weeks) Or you may choose both.

What is included in the photo session fee’s?

  • Pre-session consultation and correspondence throughout the whole process
  • My time photographing you and/or your family/event
  • Photo post processing
  • Time spent organizing/uploading photos
  • Order session once the images are ready
  • Complete photos
  • May include cost of thumb drive

What is the difference between “Lifestyle” and “On-Location” photo shoots?

Because I do not currently have my own studio I can offer lifestyle or on location sessions.

Lifestyle photo sessions are done in the comfort of your home- whether that is in your backyard or your living room etc. They generally capture more intimate and comfortable photos and typically won’t include props/backdrops provided by the photographer.

On-location sessions will take place wherever we respectively decide. I typically offer several local park setting or very short “hikes” that have a wonderful payoff with views. It just depends on what makes sense for both client and photographer. Your suggestions are always welcomed, so if you have a location in mind or a favorite spot we can make that work!

When is the best time to have photos taken? If indoors where should photos be taken?

The very best natural light comes a couple of hours after sunrise and 1-2 hours before sunset or on overcast days when the sun is not as bright. If doing a session indoors is the only option, it is best to find a very well lit room with lots of natural light/large windows.

When should I have my newborns photos taken?

The best time to do newborn photos is during the first several weeks of birth, typically within the first 10-12 days. These are the times when we see the adorable sleepy/milk drunk baby photos that we love so much.

What forms or payment do you accept?

Cash, Check, Paypal

Have other questions not listed here? Let me know, and I can try and answer as quickly as possible!

Ready to book a session?!

Yay! I’m always happy to chat with new clients! You can call me, email me or text me or use the contact form on my Book A SessionΒ page:

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